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At edm1.fm we believe that electronic club tracks sound best, when played in a DJ mix.

Some sites play out an entire track with no DJ mixing (boring).
Other sites play the same hour-long DJ sets over and over (repetitive).

We help get rid of boring and repetitive...with 8 Livestream channels, each one a handpicked mix of Trance or Techno or several varieties of House music.

Each Livestream is played out in a real-time DJ mix.

From the hottest new tunes released this week, to club classics from years ago, and some hidden gems tossed along the way.

That's why we say that edm1.fm is the 1 place - where the mix never ends...

Our Channels

Each Channel features a continuously mixed livestream, plus a collection of new music mixhsows.

The Deep End

Deep House with a jazzy and soulful feel


A deeper take on Tech House...groovy and sexy.


Vocals and melodies from Melodic Techno, Deep Progressive, and Indie Dance.


The flip side of Melodia: a mostly intrumental mix of Deep Progressive and Melodic Techno.

Club House

The sound that started it all...this is House music.


Energetic Tech House - pulsing beats with a hip-hop attitude


Peak time banging Techno...let's go.


Uplifting euphoric Trance, tempered with some Tech Trance offshoots.